Volunteer applications for Bumbershoot 2017 are now closed.  

Thank you to the hundreds of volunteers who have expressed their interest in helping to make Bumbershoot a success!

Bumbershoot would not be possible without the hundreds of volunteers who serve thousands of hours each summer to ensure that festival patrons have a safe, fun, and dynamic experience.

Bumbershoot Volunteer Timeline

  • August 11 | Volunteer registration closed
  • August 21 | Last day to drop shifts or change shifts. After August 21, shifts can only be changed in the event of a medical or family emergency.
  • August 23 | Volunteer positions begin
  • September 1 | Festival begins
  • September 3 | Festival ends
  • September 5 | Volunteer positions end

No Show Policy

Volunteers will need to pay a $5 nonrefundable registration fee to participate in Bumbershoot’s volunteer program. This must be paid via credit card before the volunteer’s first shift. If a volunteer does NOT complete all of their confirmed volunteer shifts as outlined on the Bumbershoot website, the volunteer will be charged a total of $249 plus ticketing fees, to cover the full cost of a ticket to the Festival. This policy communicates the Festival’s need for volunteers to keep their commitment.

Volunteers must check in AND out with the Volunteer Coordinator to assure a complete work record. Bumbershoot’s records will be considered complete and accurate in the event of a disputed work record. Bumbershoot will attempt to resolve any special case instances which may arise. Bumbershoot will have the final authority on such matters.

Code of Conduct

As a volunteer you are an integral part of the team and subject to One Reel's volunteer code of conduct. You represent the organization to both patrons and the public at large and it is important to portray a positive image. It is important to follow the directions of the One Reel festival program coordinator(s) at all times. As a participant, you have the responsibility to help make the activity a safe experience for everyone through your behavior and conduct and must understand the danger of not following rules and directions and agree to follow them.

  • Use of alcohol and controlled or illegal substances before and during your shift is strictly prohibited.
  • Children, friends and family members may not accompany you on your volunteer shift unless you have been given permission to do so from the Volunteer Manager.
  • Harassment of any kind is not allowed. It is not acceptable to harass others on the basis of sex, age, race, color, national origin, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, citizenship, disability, or other personal characteristics.
  • You are expected to report any questionable activity and/or medical or security related situation to a staff person.
  • Please refrain from making personal calls during your shift.
  • Treat patrons, visitors, artists, fellow volunteers and staff with respect and courtesy.
  • Conduct yourself in a manner that is befitting a positive organizational image.
  • Show up on time and dressed appropriately for scheduled events and shifts. We will provide you with a volunteer t-shirt to wear while on shift. You must only wear your volunteer shirt when on shift and must NOT wear it when walking around grounds as a patron.
  • Contact the Volunteer Coordinator immediately when you must cancel a scheduled volunteer shift.
  • Stay through your entire shift and check out with both your supervisor and Volunteer HQ.
  • Smile and have fun!

Volunteers who do not follow the One Reel Volunteer Code of Conduct will be asked to leave immediately and will be permanently removed from the One Reel Volunteer Program. Failure to stay for the entirety of your shift or failure to show up for two or more shifts without cancelling ahead of time will make you ineligible for future One Reel volunteer opportunities.

Don't Fan Out

During the course of your volunteer work with Bumbershoot, you may come into contact with one of the Festival artists. Please remember the artists are there to do their professional job, and it is important that volunteers act professionally.

  • Don’t stare: Be polite and keep your eyes to yourself.
  • Don’t ask for an autograph; you can accept one if they blatantly offered.
  • Focus on the task/job at hand.
  • Remain calm

Inclusion Policy

One Reel and Bumbershoot's volunteer program does not discriminate in making its event premises available for use on the basis of age, race, color, national origin, marital status, parental status, sexual orientation, gender identity, political ideology, creed, ancestry or the presence of any sensory, mental or physical disability. 


What is the benefit of volunteering at the festival?

Volunteers have a unique opportunity to experience Bumbershoot behind the scenes, learning about media, press, catering, security, production, operations, and more. Volunteers can earn an exclusive volunteer t-shirt and festival passes.

To show our appreciation, volunteers may earn the following incentives:

1 - 9.5 hours = T-Shirt, everlasting gratitude 9.5 - 19 hours = T-Shirt and 1-day GA pass 19.5+ hours = T-Shirt and 3-day GA Pass

Can I save or bank hours I volunteered this year towards next year's festival passes?

No. Hours volunteered only apply to the current year's Festival; volunteer hours cannot be applied to future Festival passes.

Can I volunteer and give my pass to a friend/family member/coworker, or other person?

Passes are non-transferable. Hours volunteered only count towards your pass and cannot be applied to a pass for someone else.

When can I sign up to volunteer? What jobs are available?

Volunteer applications for Bumbershoot 2017 are now closed. Thank you to the hundreds of volunteers who have expressed their interest in helping to make Bumbershoot a success!

How old do you have to be to volunteer?

Volunteers need to be 16 years of age or older. Volunteers under the age of 18 need to have a parent/guardian sign their Code of Conduct & Waiver. Some positions may require a volunteer to be 18 or 21 years old.

I have or am seeking experience in technical production. Can I volunteer with your tech crews?

Our tech crew does not require volunteer support. We encourage you to sign up for a different volunteer position on July 24th. The only positions available are those listed on our website.

I have or am seeking experience as a photographer. May I volunteer as a photographer?

We are not looking for volunteer photographers. We encourage you to sign up for a different volunteer position on July 24th. The only positions available are those listed on our website.

I have a condition/injury that limits my mobility and/or ability to lift heavy things. Can I still volunteer for Bumbershoot?

Absolutely! Bumbershoot’s volunteer program is open to anyone over age 16. Some of our positions will have physical requirements, so read the descriptions carefully. If you get on site and don’t think you can handle your assigned position, speak up! We’ll find another way for you to be involved.

Why can’t I find volunteer shifts on my Shiftboard account?

In order to streamline our processes, Bumbershoot’s Volunteer Program has transitioned to the software all Bumbershoot staff use.

Will I have to put a deposit down to volunteer for Bumbershoot? Why?

Volunteers must pay a $5 nonrefundable administrative fee via credit card prior to the festival. While we wish we didn’t have to charge volunteers a deposit, it simply isn’t possible. Our volunteers provide a valuable service to the event. If our volunteers do not fulfill their commitment to us, we have to use their deposit money to help cover the added costs we incur in having to hire labor to assist with the festival. Without the deposit, we have no way of being sure that our volunteers will fulfill their commitment, and the work needs to get done.

Do I need a ticket? What if I already bought a ticket?

You may earn festival passes for volunteering. We cannot refund tickets if you purchase them before you sign up to volunteer.

I still have questions. Who do I contact?

Please e-mail volunteers@onereel.org for any further information regarding volunteering for Bumbershoot.