We work extensively with Seattle Center to make Bumbershoot enjoyable and accessible for all guests. As the summer continues we will add additional resources to the website to inform those who need special accommodations. In some cases, we may need to change existing access points at Seattle Center, so please be sure to double check here for any updates and a printable Access Guide that will be available later in the summer.

In advance of Bumbershoot, questions and concerns can be addressed to:

Oren Shani – Accessibility Director
(310) 728-9527

Access Center

All accessibility-related questions can be answered at our Access Center booth, which will be located near Kobe Bell, on the North end of the site. In addition, this will be the location to register for accommodations, recharge wheelchair batteries or other assistive technology requiring electrical recharging, check in for ASL interpreted performances, store equipment such as oxygen tanks or insulin and much more! Pick up the festival’s Access Guides here and inquire about the best accessible pathways between stages.

Access Guides

A printed guide listing all of our services and an ADA specific map will be distributed at the Access Center. We will have Access Guides you can print at home as we get closer to the festival so check back here for a handy pdf!

Accessible Entrance

There will be an accessible entrance to the venue located at the Gate 6B entry point off Mercer Street. This entrance will be close to the Access Center check in.

Accessible Seating at Bumbershoot Venues

Most of Bumbershoot’s indoor venues feature accessible seating areas. If a venue’s main entrance is not accessible, patrons with disabilities and one attendant will be escorted to an alternative, accessible entrance. Below is a list of barrier-free access points and accessible seating areas for all of Bumbershoot’s indoor and outdoor stages and venues. Make sure to visit the ADA Access Center or any Info booth to acquire the appropriate access credentials for accessible seating throughout the venue.

Memorial Stadium

Getting in: This is an outdoor stage. Finding seats: There is a fenced section for accessible viewing in the front at the south side of the stage. Enter via the pathway on the south, which starts near the Pacific Science Center and Chihuly Garden and Glass.

Key Arena

Getting in: Enter through east doors (accessible through north end of east entry area). Finding seats: Accessible seating is available on all levels of KeyArena (including floor through Southwest Elevators, accessible adjacent to Section 118).

Charlotte Martin Theatre

Getting in: Please use main entrance and see usher for elevator access. Finding seats: Accessible seating is located in the last row on the main floor.

Eve Alvord Theatre

Getting in: Please use main entrance and see usher for elevator access. Finding seats: Accessible seating is located in the last row on the main floor.

Center Theatre – Theatre Puget Sound

Getting in: There are three (3) access options for this venue: (1) enter through any main level Armory entrance and take the elevator to the lower level where the theatre is located; (2) enter through the Children’s Museum entrance on the west side of the Armory; or (3) enter through the Next 50 Plaza on the east side of the Armory. Finding seats: Accessible seating is located in a section of the front row.

The Vera Project

Getting in: Please use the general public entrance, which is the second set of doors from the east end of the building. Finding seats: Accessible seating can be made available on the aisles; please see the door attendant.

SIFF Film Center

Getting in: Please use the main entrance. Finding seats: Accessible seating is located in the front and back rows.


Getting in: Enter through any main level Armory entrance. Finding seats: This is not a seated venue.

Pacific Science Center

Getting in: Please use the main entrance. Finding seats: The Laser Dome is wheelchair-accessible.


Getting in: Please use the main entrance. Finding seats: Sky Church is wheelchair accessible.

Other Venues

KEXP and Fisher Stage feature general seating for all patrons. If you need help, please ask a staff member at the venue or one of our Access Volunteers to help you find a workable viewing area.

Accessible Viewing Areas

Viewing areas will be provided at the main stages for ADA patrons. Please see the festival map or contact the nearest festival staff member for exact locations. The Bumbershoot ticket provides access to all Festival events and performances, but indoor venues have a set capacity and space is available on a first-come, first-served basis. If you have any further questions, please contact Oren at oren@tenfiftyent.com. To gain access you must visit the Access Center in advance to get the proper credentials.

Bumbershoot’s indoor venues feature accessible seating areas. If a venue entrance is not accessible, patrons with disabilities and one attendant will be escorted to an alternative accessible entrance.

ASL Interpretation and Hearing Assistance

Options will be available for patrons who are Deaf and/or Hard of Hearing. You must check in at the ADA Access Center so we can make sure you get properly situated to enjoy the performances effectively. For any questions, please contact Oren at oren@tenfiftyent.com.

American Sign Language Interpretation: Qualified, certified ASL Interpreters will be available upon request. In order to make a request, please reach out to oren@tenfiftyent.com and indicate the specific performances, workshops and/or activities you would like interpreted.

Requests for Effective Communication MUST be made no later than three weeks before Bumbershoot begins. The deadline to request will be August 18, 2017. We will do our best to accommodate any requests after the deadline; however there is no guarantee.

Bumbershoot 2017 Interpretation Schedule (subject to change):

  • Friday: TBD
  • Saturday: TBD
  • Sunday: TBD

For patrons who are Hard of Hearing, we will have Assistive Listening Devices (ALD) as well as HERE Active Listening Systems available at the Access Center. Devices are fee to use for the day; however, credit card information will be required as collateral.

ATMs & Concessions

The ATMs are fully accessible and located throughout the venue. If assistance is required please confer with a festival staff member.

First Aid

All First Aid locations are noted on the festival maps. Professional medical staff will assist patrons with any medical issues that arise. Our Access team will be guiding patrons to First Aid if a medical emergency arises.

Guided Tours for Patrons with Visual Impairments

We will be offering patrons with visual impairments a guided tour available upon request. Please contact Oren at oren@tenfiftyent.com to make a request.

ID Bracelets

Bumbershoot offers ID bracelets to help reunite individuals with permanent disabilities who become separated from their family or guardians. To register your bracelet - just visit our Festival information booths. In the event an individual is separated from you and brought to the attention of Bumbershoot Staff, we should be able to contact you immediately.

Mobility devices

Only those patrons who have mobility impairments may use manual and electric mobility devices. Power/manual wheelchairs and three or four-wheeled scooters are allowed for use by people with mobility impairments. Devices not covered under federal or state law including two-wheeled scooters, golf carts, or all-terrain vehicles, are NOT allowed anywhere on site.


Please note that during the Festival, some of the existing accessible parking spaces at Seattle Center will be relocated. The same number of accessible parking spaces, however, will be provided. Accessible parking areas will require a current, valid state issued DMV ADA placard or plates with corresponding placard or plate paperwork.

Accessible parking spaces can be found here:

  • Level 1 of the Mercer Street Garage
  • 5th Avenue garage
  • 1st Avenue garage
  • Dozens of private lots surrounding Seattle Center


Throughout the venue there will be sanitary, wheelchair accessible restrooms which will be pinpointed on the Access Guides. Several of these restrooms will be padlocked to maintain sanitary conditions. To obtain access to these restrooms, ADA patrons will need to visit the Access Center.

Service Animal Policy

Bumbershoot has a strict no-pet rule, with exceptions only for service animals as specified by federal and state law. Due to large-scale service animal fraud and for the safety of our patrons, staff, and other service animals, all animals which do not meet the legal standards will not be allowed into the festival grounds. All service animals must be registered at the Access Center. Please note: comfort animals, emotional support animals, and therapy animals are not considered service animals and will not be allowed into the venue grounds.

Wheelchair Accessibility

The venue is fully navigable for people in wheelchairs with the assistance of our ADA Access team. There are accessible pathways throughout the venue, accessible viewing areas and signage which will all be pinpointed on the Access Guides.


If you need assistance at any time during the Festival, please go to the Access Center. Alternatively you can go to an entrance gate or the nearest Info Booth. We also have a team of ADA staff dedicated to assisting patrons with disabilities or impaired mobility.

Info Booths are located:

• At the North end of the Fountain Lawn

• Inside the Armory to the left of the stage on the food court level.

For additional questions/concerns, you can contact the ADA hotline at (310) 728-9527